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It’s Your Move

Join Nancy in this moderate cardio class using steps and stretching, combined with weights, for a full body workout for all ability levels. Get your morning started right and meet friends!

Fluid Fitness

This low impact, high intensity water aerobics class is perfect for all fitness levels. Water barbells are combined with cardio exercises in this class held in the shallow end.

Power Blast

Get your blood flowing and burn calories! Power Blast burns calories while toning and sculpting your body by using various hand weights throughout this cardio and strength training class.

Sculpt on the Ball

Donna will coach you through this class that will leave you feeling energized. A combination of hand weights, stability balls and steps will have you burning fat & calories.

Zumba/Step & Tone Zumba

Shake your hips, have fun and burn calories! Zumba is Latin dance music combined with a cardio kick to increase your heart rate and burn fat. Step & Tone Zumba is the same fun combined with a step for an added challenge. Charity will accommodate all fitness levels!

Cardio Kick Circuit

A high intensity workout with Toni, utilizing all the major muscle groups to effectively burn calories & build muscle. This class helps improve balance and strengthens your core.

Senior Splash

This low impact water aerobics class improves cardio fitness & is great for circulation, while building bone density and improving balance. Join today and get healthy while meeting friends!

Cardio Kickboxing with Kim/Core Focus

This fast-paced kickboxing class combines kicking and punching combinations with cardio exercise for a complete body, muscle-building workout. Twenty minutes of Core Focus will follow and builds and strengthens core muscles. You WILL sweat!

Pilates/Pilates on the Ball

Pilates emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength and flexibility. Bring a workout/balance ball to Pilates on the Ball and you will feel muscles burning, flexibility increasing and your core working! (The Y does have a few balls if you would like to try a class & don’t have a ball)

Hatha Yoga

Barbara holds a master’s degree in Holistic Counseling and is a certified instructor of Hatha, Prenatal and Therapeutic Yoga. Hatha Yoga is appropriate for all levels. Students warm up with gentle breathing, stretching and centering exercises, followed by flowing postures. Class ends with a final relaxation and meditation.

Water Works

This is a medium to low impact class for all fitness levels. This high energy cardio blast class will get your heart pumping and your muscle moving for a complete body workout.

Zumba Party

Andrea will lead the party combining dance moves and music to get your heart pumping and your feet dancing...Zumba is so fun you will forget you are exercising!

Butts & Guts

elly will lead this class in exercises that focus on your core strength and getting that JLo Rear end. Burn calories and have FUN! *Note, new time on Fridays is effective 1/2/15, time will remain 5:30 – 6:30 Pm until January 2nd.

**NEW Aqua Cardio Zumba

This is a low impact yet high energy aqua fitness class. Water creates a natural resistance which helps to tone your muscles and kick cardio into high gear. This class alter- nates Zumba exercises with more typical water aerobic exercises every other song!

**NEW AM Energizer

A TOTAL body fitness class that will have your heart pumping and your blood flowing every Friday morning! Join Shana to get in shape and start your weekend off right...class will combine cardio sets with hand weights, ropes, stability balls and more!

**NEW PLyoxing

PLyoxing is a mix of boxing, ballerina and yoga all in one! If you haven't tried a class like this yet, now is your chance! Plyoxing is the latest in fitness and uses your own body weight to get results!


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